JAK Tree Shears for Excavators

Fast, powerful and professional with a 24 month warranty. We offer three different sized tree shears for excavators: JAK-200, JAK-250 & JAK-300.


JAK-200 Tree Shear


Lightweight to use, working with the grapple is fast and efficient.

Cutting diameter 200 mm
Weight 140-160 kg
Operating pressure 200-300 bar
Min. oil flow 30 l/min


JAK-250 Tree Shear

JAK-250 is built for 5-11.5 ton excavators

Tree shear for professional use.

Powerful and fast.

Cutting diameter 250 mm
Weight 270-300  kg
Operating pressure 250-300 bar
Min. oil flow 60 l/min


JAK-300 Tree Shear

JAK-300 is built for big, 12-20 ton excavators

Unparalleled cutting power. 30 cm, clean cutting diameter measured from the trunk of the tree.

Tree shear for professional use. Efficient, fast and durable.

Cutting diameter 300 mm
Weight 550-590  kg
Operating pressure 250-300 bar
Min. oil flow 90 l/min

Build to last

Every JAK Energy Tree Shear has 24 month warranty. JAK Energy Tree Shear is very light weight and durable and they are designed for professional use.

All JAK Tree Shears include

  • Patented design and strong structural integrity guarantee long term durability for the tree shear.
  • The grapple design makes it possible to cut a tree from its base, very near the ground.
  • Replaceable blade
  • 24 month warranty
  • CE-certified
  • Available excavator attachments: S30, S40, Leinhoff MS01, Leinhoff MS03 and boltplate
  • Custom attachments also available (with proper drawings)
  • Color: Black – Metallic paint