Tree Shears designed for professional use

JAK Tree Shears for excavators, forest tractors, tractor loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers. Built using only the best quality steel. We use Hardox steel made by SSAB.


JAK-200 | JAK-250 | JAK-300

Tractors and forestry machines

JAK-200K | JAK-250K

Wheel loaders and telehandlers

JAK-200Z | JAK-250Z | JAK-300Z

Durable. Warranty 24 months

  • Every JAK Energy Tree Shear has 24 month warranty.
  • JAK Energy Tree Shear is very light weight and durable and they are designed for professional use.
  • JAK-Energy tree shear has an unparalleled cutting power which is the result of its two hydraulic sylinder design.
  • The noted cutting diameter has been measured from the base of the tree, using only the tree shears’ own compressive force.
  • JAK-Energy tree shear centers the cut wood due to its solid design.
  • The grip of the grapple is firm, the cut wood will not tip over or fall off.
  • These features make handling wood fast, convenient and safe.
  • The blade is made from Hardox steel, which makes it flexible, hard and it keeps its sharp for long.
  • By detaching the blade the grapple can be used for loading.
  • The blade is changeable if it gets damaged.
  • The two cylinder configuration provides easy and fast wood handling.
  • The grapple jaw is very precise, so even the smallest trees can be cut.
  • JAK Energy Tree Shears are built using only the best quality steel.
  • We use Hardox steel made by SSAB.
  • Every batch of steel we use for manufacturing of the grapples can be traced back its origins with a material certificate.

Build to last

The Tree Shears is designed to clear wooded areas or harvest unwanted trees and brush. Thorough designing and engineering resulted in a JAK Tree Shear which was efficient and easy to operate.  These shears are proving to be popular with users who carry out first thinnings and general tree maintenance. They are a cost effective means of woodland management, and work well on an excavator.

These tree shear grapples have an inbuilt extra tough blade, which is easy to service and replace when required.